Frank Pavone: “It’s Ok To Be Against Justice Issues Like Poverty, War, Homelessness And Health Care As Long As You Oppose Abortion”

PhotoCredit: Amarillo Globe-News

Father Frank Pavone has been making the rounds on the radio circuit in an effort to convince Catholic voters that no matter what they may think or feel about the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, they should vote for him based on the fact that Hillary Clinton supports abortion rights.

The Priest for Life leader even told a radio caller, who was concerned that a Trump presidency could lead to nuclear war, that a possible nuclear war was less important than the continuation of legal abortion.

On Tuesday, Pavone went on the Catholic radio network Relevant Radio, to discuss his views with host Drew Mariani. When the host asked Pavone about Tim Kaine’s stance on abortion. Kaine is a devout Catholic who happens to be pro-choice. Pavone then went on a rant about how abortion is the ultimate sin:

It was such a disservice to the Church. I mean, he represents a brand of thinking, we find it in the Church, we even find it among some clergy, you know, talk about social justice but ignore the core of social justice, which is the right to life. You cannot be right on these other issues, whether it’s poverty, immigration, war and peace, homelessness, health care—let me make a very clear statement here: Not only is abortion a more important and weighty issue than all these other issues and not only is it more important that someone be right on abortion than they be right on these other issues, but I will say it this way, you cannot be right on these other issues if you are wrong on abortion.

And the reason is, to allow abortion is to allow an attack on what is the core, the heart, the foundation of all these other issues, this is the right to life. If I say a baby’s life can be taken, well then I’ve just said his health care can be taken and so can his education and his right to vote and his right to immigrate and his right to anything else, to be protected from terrorism. What does it mean to say the baby should be protected from terrorism if I can get the abortionist to go in there with forceps and chop his head off? I don’t understand. This is basic logic and the people like Tim Kaine who present themselves to us to lead this nation, not only are they contradicting Catholic faith, they’re contradiction reason and they’re contradiction the purpose of public service, which is to serve the public, not to kill the public.