Frank Amedia: “God Has Called On Trump To Tear Down Mexico’s Walls”

During an event for Christian pastors in Cleveland, Ohio, co-host Frank Amedia echoed his claim that God is calling Donald Trump to lead the nation, ironically insisting that his supporters “want to tear the walls down of division in the country” that is blocking their candidate.

Amedia, who is Trump’s liaison for Christian policy, called on the audience to join him in a “Jericho shout,” a reference taken from the Biblical story of the Battle of Jericho where the city’s walls were tore down with a trumpet call and a shout.

“We want to tear the walls down of division in the country and the walls that have built themselves up to oppose a man that God has called to bring us to a new place,” Amedia said of the Republican presidential nominee. “We are on a journey together. And it is a movement, even as Mr. Trump says, but this movement is also a Kingdom movement that we know God has released running parallel.”

“Lord, we ask you to release a spirit upon this nation to vote and to vote those principles of faith that we believe in so dearly,” he prayed, asking that God help Trump’s “airplane sail on the wings of an angel.”