Fox News Marriage Advice: “Women Must Avoid Nagging, Perfectionism, And Telling Their Husband What He’s Doing Wrong”

During a segment on Fox News on Thursday, wives were told that if they wanted a successful marriage they needed to be more obedient to their husbands.

In what Media Matter described as “one of Fox News’ most sexist segments ever to air,”author Suzanne Venker claimed that it is the man’s responsibility to control the relationship, including being the one to ask for a first date to being the one who decides when to marry.

“In that natural state, a woman is much more receptive to your energy,” she said. “And I think that what happens over time after you’ve been married a really long time — especially once kids come into the picture — is women get into this mode of sort of micromanaging everything.”

“And that’s all fine but if they don’t switch over into ‘wife mode,’ kind of back where they were when you started, I think the relationship begins to deteriorate.”

“So the beta becomes an alpha, and then the man becomes confused, and maybe she should be the beta?” Fox News host Steve Doocy asked.

Venker said, “if you are bringing the alpha energy to the table, and he’s an alpha by nature because he’s got all the testosterone, you’re going to be like two bulls in a china shop, right? And then if you want him to be the more feminine person in the relationship, I guess you could do that, but that usually doesn’t work for most people because women are naturally feminine.”

Venker advised women to give their husbands “softness instead hardness, happiness instead of anger, being more compliant and less dictatorial — basically not telling him what to do.”

Characteristics that women should avoid include “nagging, perfectionist, and telling what he’s doing wrong.”