Fans Go Nuts After Neo-Nazi Media Founder, Who Called To Kill Jews, Was Outed That His Wife Is Jewish

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Several white nationalist activists were shocked and angered when they found out that one of their leaders is married to a Jewish woman.

According to Salon, neo-Nazi leader Mike Enoch, who created the racist website The Right Stuff, is not his real name, but actually a pseudonym he used to hide his real identity. His real name is Mike Peinovich and he works as a website developer in New York.

After his rivals discovered who he really was, it wasn’t long after that they also found out that his wife is a Jewish woman and forced Peinovich to resign from his role at the website. This is ironic since the website developer often made “jokes” about the Holocaust and also talked regularly about killing Jewish people on his podcast.

In his final post on The Right Stuff, Peinovich admitted his deception and told his fellow white nationalist that they didn’t have to defend him.

“Yes my wife is who they say she is, I won’t even bother denying it, I won’t bother making excuses,” he wrote. “If this makes you want to leave the movement, or to have nothing to do with TRS, then I understand. Don’t lie for me. Don’t try to defend me to those attacking me. Don’t jeopardize your own reputation by defending things that you don’t think you can.”

Although many were happy with Peinovich’s downfall, there were also those who were upset about this revelation.

“Enoch’s rants were both enlightening and triggering, but now I cannot listen to them the same way again,” wrote one. “It just feels like they’re just more actors in the same play being orchestrated by the Jews.”

“I’m going to bed but I want everyone involved with this doxxing to think about contributing something to replace TRS rather than pissing on its grave and saying that they did the right thing,” wrote another. “So far you have f*cked up royally.”