David Barton: “The Fact That The Constitution Doesn’t Mention God Proves That It’s From God”

buy modafinil uk review Written by May 12th 2017

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http://wolfdencreative.com/web-design/ During the “WallBuilders Live” radio show on Thursday, Religious Right activist David Barton claims that the fact that God is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution is proof that the document is not secular.

“People say, ‘Well, the word “God” isn’t in the Constitution,’” Barton said. “There’s a reason for that and it doesn’t mean it’s secular, it means just the opposite.”

According to Barton, because the Declaration of Independence mentions God four times and the Constitution is like “part two of the Declaration,” the Founding Fathers had no need to mention God again.

“They didn’t feel like they had to say anything in the Constitution because they’ve already said it really strongly in the Declaration,” Barton claimed. “Why repeat it? Because this is just the completion of the Declaration, if you will.”

Barton argues that “Article 7 of the Constitution dates itself not as a new document, [but] dates itself to the Declaration of Independence.”

“If you say that that’s proof of secularism, that means you haven’t read the Constitution, you haven’t read history and you haven’t read what the Founders said about the Constitution,” Barton said. He also said that if you believe that the Constitution doesn’t mention God, “you have to buy into a bunch of pablum by brainless kind of professors that either doesn’t know what they’re talking about or they’re speaking maliciously trying to undermine and shift the nation to move in a different direction.”