Dave Daubenmire: “The Devil Sacrificed Members Of His Gay Team In Order To Take Away Our Guns”

PhotoCredit: FoxNews

Conservative Christian activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire discussed Sunday’s mass shooting at a Florida gay nightclub on his “Pass the Salt” show on Monday and declared that the devil sacrificed members of his gay team in order to take away our guns and encouraging the government to go after Christians.

“This shooting down in Orlando, Florida? It will soon be my fault,” Daubenmire said. “It will soon be the fault of radical, right-wing Christians.”

Daubenmire said that the nightclub massacre proves “the devil is willing to sacrifice some of his own team in order to get our big players.”

“How long did it take before Obama started talking about gun control?” Daubenmire asked. “How long did it take before you saw him on CNN talking about gun control? How did they get the guns? How long did it take? Not very long, because, see, we’re losing sight of the fact that if they get their guns, our guns, there’ll be more death. There’ll be a lot more death. And when they get their guns, can anybody tell me who’s gonna be dying?”

He claims that it’s not “gonna be the guys in the ghetto” who will be murdered due to gun control because “they’re already killing each other.” It will be Christians who are opposing “bowing politically correct to Islam, politically correct to abortion, politically correct to homosexuality” who will suffer and be killed because of gun control. Daubenmire insisted that they want Islam to be “the new religion” and “anybody who’s against this new religion, they’re going to get it.”