Crowley : “All The Muslims In Th USA Are Part Of A Conspiracy To Take It Over”

PhotoCredit: YouTube

It would seem that living as a Muslim in the USA right now may not be the most desirable state of being. Sentiments passed by right wing speaker, Monica Crowley on the Business Network hosted by Fox were an example of this. The conservative put it to the panel that people of Muslim faith currently entering the United States, were doing so as part of a bigger plan to take over the land of the free, in the name of faith and religion.

“We’re all understandably very focused on the violent jihad — that threat is urgent, and it’s immediate, and it’s life and death. But there has been a grand project going on throughout the Western world — certainly through Western Europe now for decades,” Crowley bemoaned. “Somebody named Bat Ye’or wrote a seminal book back in 1985 called Eurabia, about the project where, with the perfect acquiescence of European leaders who wanted the cheap labor, and they wanted the energy supplies coming out of the Middle East and North Africa, opened their borders and their doors to waves of Muslim migrants.”

The literary work that Crowley refered to is a book by Gisele Litman, a British writer, born in Egypt. In the plot, Littman, affectionately known as Bat Ye’or introduces a conspiracy premise which comes daringly close to classical anti – Semitism regarding its presentation of Muslim immigrants and the lifestyles that they lead. The assumption is that they are an inadvertent threat to society .

The Business Network host, Stuart Varney, was quick to interject, “Yeah, but that’s a different conspiracy. That’s a different plot,”  He added, “There’s a difference between plotting to bring people in as good, solid, cheap labor to run your factories, and a plot to bring in people to take over your country for Islam.” To this Crowley responded, noting that it was not a plot in actual fact, but rather the culmination of events that has led to the emergence of hijra, a part of jihad.

The context of hijra is based on world Muslim domination by way of mass migration. The term derives from the proper noun Hijra, relating to a historical event when the prophet Muhammed along with his disciples ran away from Mecca, after a foiled assassination plot.