Conservative Author Jennifer Rubin: “Trump Turn US Into Third-World Dictatorship”

http://oceanadesigns.net/images/granite/rum-raisin/rum-raisin.jpg Written by November 5th 2017

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http://thermograve.co.uk/?post_type=portfolio Amid a board exchange on MSNBC’s AM Joy, the token traditionalist on the show pounded individuals from the Republican Party for looking the other way while President Donald Trump runs roughshod over laws intended to keep him from benefitting actually from holding office.

Talking with have Joy Reid, Washington Post feature writer Jennifer Rubin blamed Trump for turning the U.S. into a “banana republic.”

“You know, Jennifer Rubin, you have Donald Trump, who claims a $200,000 a head private club — who we don’t know who the individuals are — yet we continue getting little suspicions that they have little livens,” Reid recommended. “Donald Trump is winding up more like other world pioneers that are not all that appetizing fundamentally, whose business interests and basically monetary interests get profoundly entrapped with their enthusiasm for driving their legislatures.”

“The [Mar-a-Lago] charge used to be $100,000, he multiplied it once he moved toward becoming president since he would now be able to adapt the administration in a way that nobody has ever done earlier,” Rubin started. “He started this trek in Hawaii where he was, once more, touting a Trump property. Nobody else has utilized the administration to propel his very own business advantages”

“Furthermore, there’s a motivation behind why he’s escaping with it and that will be that Republicans couldn’t care less,” she attested. “They could without much of a stretch stop this, they could undoubtedly pass enactment or summon the Emoluments Clause and disallow him from accepting wage and monies from outside pioneers. Be that as it may, they move over and play dead. This is turning into a banana republic, a third world fascism where the lead of law is supplanted.”

“The president’s money related and individual premiums are above national premiums and he cuts loose with individuals who share those spoiled esteems, antidemocratic values,” Rubin closed.

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