Child Abusing Woman Defense: “The Bible Ordered Her To Beat Her Child With A Rod”

According to the Indianapolis Star, Kin Park Thaing, 30, will be brought to trial for felony abuse neglect charges for whipping her 7-year-old son with a coat hanger, leaving 36 bruises on the little boy’s back, left arm, and thigh and on his face.

The incident happened on Feb. 3, when, according to Thaing, she beat him in order to stop him from harming his 3-year-old daughter. She said she beat both children then ordered them to pray for forgiveness.

“I was worried for my son’s salvation with God after he dies,” Thaing said, according to the documents filed by her lawyer. “I decided to punish my son to prevent him from hurting my daughter and to help him learn how to behave as God would want him to.”

Thaing cited a verse from the Bible, saying parents who “spare the rod, spoils the child.”

Thaing’s lawyer is defending her with a law signed by Pence on March 26, 2015, in a closed-door signing ceremony.

“The Constitution of the United States and the Indiana Constitution both provide strong recognition of the freedom of religion, but today, many people of faith feel their religious liberty is under attack by government action,” Pence said at the signing.

The new law drew sharp criticism against Pence and the state of Indiana, with many claiming that the bill now legally protects business owners who want to discriminate LGBT individuals.

Several large businesses left Indiana in response to the law, forcing Pence to sign a revised version that prohibits businesses from discriminating against anyone based on their sexual orientation.