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Dave Daubenmire: “I Can’t Take Advice From Rachel Maddow, She Doesn’t Even Know She’s Supposed To Love Dudes”

During the “Pass The Salt Live” webcast on Thursday, Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire claimed that he knows better than to listen to some “dude” like MSNBC host Rachel Maddow who doesn’t even realize the she’s “supposed to love a man.” “I am some old corn poke,” Daubenmire said. “I’ll match my degrees with yours. […]


Tennessee GOP Introduced A Bill That Declares: “Children Born Through Artificial Insemination Illegitimate”

Republicans in Tennessee introduced a bill that aims to anybody born through artificial insemination illegitimate. According to WMC, the bill HB 1406, which is sponsored by state House Representative Terri Lynn Weaver, is set to repeal TCA 68-3-306, the current Tennessee statute which says that anybody born through artificial insemination are the “legitimate” child of […]


Idaho Judge “Punished” A Rapist Of A 14-Year-Old Girl By Making Him Abstain From Sex Until Marriage, Then Blames The Victim For “Using Social Media”

A 20-year-old rapist was sentenced to abstain from sex until after he was married by an Idaho Judge, and then criticized the 14-year-old victim for using social media, which he claims led to the sexual assault. According to the Guardian, Twin Falls County Judge Randy Stoker claims that social media is to blame for the […]


Josh Bernstein: “The Real Feminist Is Ivanka Trump, Not The Skank Women In The March”

Ultraconservative radio host Josh Bernstein went on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” show on Thursday to express his disgust with the previous weekend’s Women’s March in the capital, saying everyone who was there “should be ashamed of themselves” since the march was all about “bashing Donald Trump.” “I’ve been renaming it the ‘Million Skank March’ for […]


Anti-Choice Advocate Kristan Hawkins Says “This Is The Beginning As We Plan To Ban Birth Control Because It’s Killing Babies”

During an interview at the Women’s March in the country’s capital, an anti-choice activist explained to MSNBC host Joy Reid that birth control options like the pill and IUD’s should be banned because they kill babies. After some back and forth over the services that Planned Parenthood provides between host Reid and Kristan Hawkins of […]