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France’s Simone Veil honoured with Pantheon burial

French politician, women’s rights champion and Holocaust survivor Simone Veil will be buried in Paris’s Pantheon mausoleum. She will become the fifth woman laid to rest in the crypt, alongside 76 men. President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to her invincible spirit at her funeral at Les Invalides in Paris. Ms Veil died last week, aged 89. […]


Dr. Keith Ablow: “Teen Girls In Yoga Pants Want To Be Abused”

  A panel of Fox News hosts asserted on Tuesday that women needed to decide if they were going to act like “victims” by supporting free birth control or if they were the type of woman who could “handle alcohol” like a man. As Republicans on the House Oversight Committee were berating Planned Parenthood Federation […]


James Robison: “Trump Became To Be The Greatest Miracle The World Has Ever Seen”

James Robison: “Trump Is The Greatest Miracle The World Has Ever Seen” While speaking at the Family Research Council’s “Watchmen on the Wall” conference last week, ultraconservative televangelist James Robison insisted that Trump will “become one of the greatest miracles the world has ever seen.” Robison claims that people can see “glimpses of the Father” […]


Larry Klayman: “Michelle Obama Is Trying To Destroy Trump’s Presidency By Wearing A Low-Class Shirt That Shows Her Shoulders”

In a video posted on Wednesday, ultraconservative attorney Larry Klayman accused Barack Obama of trying to “undermine the Trump presidency” by going to Italy at the same time President Trump makes his first visit abroad. Klayman claimed that the former president is “running an evil [shadow] government” and “trying to upstage” Trump and criticized Michelle […]