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Dutch Sheets: “Trump Will Have An Encounter With God That Will Transform Him Into John The Revelator”

http://ashbournefarmsupplies.com/shop/agricultural-clothing-footwear/outdoor-clothing/louisiana-bib-brace/?add-to-cart=380 Right-wing pastor Dutch Sheets, who claims to be “known for his apostolic and prophetic anointing,” recently spoke with Steve Shultz, founder of the prophecy website Elijah List. During the conversation, Sheets prophesied that President Trump will soon have a powerful encounter with God that will transform him into a modern-day John the Revelator. “I am […]


Tony Perkins Promise: “Faith Leaders Will Ignore Stormy Daniels Affair If Trump Remains ‘The Most Pro-Life, Pro-Family President”

http://magiccomp.sk/reisner-wolf-slovakia-s-r-o/?share=facebook Tony Perkins, president of the anti-LGBTQ group Family Research Center, said that evangelical faith leaders are willing to overlook President Trump’s alleged affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels as long as Trump continues to fulfill promises he made to them and remains “the most pro-life, pro-family president.” In the final minutes of yesterday’s “Washington […]


Dr. Howard Dean About Trump: ‘He Has A Serious Psychological Problem’

Previous DNC Chairman Dr. Howard Dean concurred with therapists, who have been watching Donald Trump from a far distance, that the president demonstrates a decreased ability to think and talk unmistakably, with the previous doctor expressing with some conviction that Trump shows up now and again to be in the throes of “psychosis.” Talking with […]


Pastor Robert Jeffress Attacks ‘Evengalical Elites’ For “Resist Trump And Take Care About Poor Palestinians”

Pastor Robert Jeffress, a member of President Donald Trump’s “evangelical executive advisory board,” took aim at fellow fundamentalists who refuse to get behind the president. “This is hypocritical of the evangelicals who say their personal piety won’t allow them to support President Trump,” Jeffress said on the American Family Radio show. “I mean, my gosh – […]


Ralph Drollinger Warns Christians: “Government’s Job Is To ‘Quell Evil’ and Punish Sin”

Ralph Drollinger’s Capitol Ministries is out with its first-of-the-year Bible study for public officials. Capitol Ministries runs weekly Bible studies for members of the Trump administration Cabinet and dozens of members of Congress, and has aggressive plans to expand its already significant reach at local, state and international levels. Drollinger pretends that his group does not push a particular policy agenda, […]


(VIDEO) Liz Crokin Blames The CIA For “Uses Tunnels Underneath The Playboy Mansion To Traffic Child Sex Slaves”

Right-wing “journalist” and crackpot conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin recently appeared on a YouTube program called “The SGT Report,” where she suggested that billionaire businessman Eric Schmidt recently resigned from his position as chairman of Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, because his ties to pedophilia and satanic child sacrifice are about to be revealed. Crokin, who is currently in the news for […]