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Pat Robertson: “People With Sclerosis Are Demonic And Can Only Be Healed If They Are Rebuked In Jesus’ Name And Tell Their Bodies ‘You Will Be Whole’”

  During the ‘Bring It On’ part of “The 700 Club” show on Wednesday, Pat Robertson was told by a supporter with multiple sclerosis (MS) that she feels “abandoned by God” because although she is a regular viewer of his show in hopes of being touched during the faith healing part of the show, she […]


Rick Wiles: “Obama Is Planning On Living Aboard A Yacht In International Waters In Order To Avoid Extradition To The U.S.”

Far-right legal activist Larry Klayman claimed last week that an ex National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency contractor named Dennis Montgomery provided evidence that spy agencies have been conducting a “systematic illegal surveillance on prominent Americans,” including President Trump. According to Klayman, Montgomery “even claimed that these spy agencies had manipulated voting in Florida […]


Lance Wallnau: “My Warrior Prayers Who Were Fasting And Praying Are The Reason For The Devin Nunes Statement That Saved Trump From Witchcraft”

  In the beginning of this month, far-right preacher Lance Wallnau said that he and his legion of prayer warriors would be “fasting and praying so that the Lord will turn the tables” on everyone who is trying to destroy President Donald Trump. According to Wallnau, those prayers are already starting to take effect, pointing […]


Trump Advisor-Pastor: “God Told Me About An Intelligent Agent Bugging The White House And I Passed That Info To The White House Through Mike Pence”

  After serving as “Christian policy liaison” for the Trump campaign last year, Ohio-based pastor, Frank Amedia, announced during the POTUS Shield event he organized last week that the Lord showed him in a dream that an intelligent agent had bugged the White House, and was able to give this vital information to Vice President […]


Gordon Klingenschmitt: “In Jesus Name I Will Create A Ten Commandments Monument That Will Heal Demonic Atheists”

  Religious Right activist and former Colorado Republican lawmaker Gordon Klingenschmitt announced on his “Pray In Jesus Name” show Friday that whoever opposes monuments of the Ten Commandments in public areas are in need of more exposure so they can cleanse themselves of “their demonic influence.” Klingenschmitt’s response comes after an atheist parent of a […]


Cindy Jacobs: “God Wants Christians To Be Rich So There Will Be A Great Harvest Of Jewish Converts After They See How Profoundly Wealthy Christians Are”

During service last month at a church in New Jersey, Religious Right “prophet” Cindy Jacobs preached that God wants Christians to be rich so that the world can experience a “great harvest” of Jewish converts after they see how “profoundly wealthy” their Christian neighbors are. “What the Jews have, we have,” Jacobs proclaimed. “However, we […]