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Steve Strang: “Trump Was Called By God To Save Western Civilization”

Charisma magazine’s Steve Strang, who is promoting his new book “God and Donald Trump,” asserted in an interview with End Times conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles last night that President Trump has a Churchillian sense of destiny that prompted him to run for president in order to save America. “I personally believe that he has kind […]


Alex Jones Warns Americans: “Transgender Rights Activism Is Really About Cyborgs”

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist who leads Infowars, told listeners that transgender rights activism is secretly paving the way for measures protecting cyborgs and other “new life forms” and that accepting multiple gender identities or sexual orientations is “how you destroy a civilization.” On Infowars today, Jones featured an interview with Roger Ver, who is […]


(VIDEO) Gloria Copeland Calls Parents Not To Give Children Flu Shots Because “Jesus Himself Gave Us The Flu Shot”

Back in 2013, the Texas megachurch run by televangelist Kenneth Copeland, a member of President Trump’s faith advisory council who recently became the proud owner of a Jesus-provided private plane, was at the center of a measles outbreak that was attributed to the church’s belief that congregants can forego vaccines because Jesus will protect them […]


Michele Bachmann: “First And Foremost, Trump Has Respect For God”

On Tuesday night, former Minnesota congresswoman and current “pastor to the United Nations” Michele Bachmann joined televangelist Kenneth Copeland to provide live analysis of President Trump’s State of the Union address. During the broadcast, Bachmann assured viewers that Trump has a deep respect for God while Copeland declared that people should rely on the Bible […]


Dutch Sheets: “Trump Will Have An Encounter With God That Will Transform Him Into John The Revelator”

Right-wing pastor Dutch Sheets, who claims to be “known for his apostolic and prophetic anointing,” recently spoke with Steve Shultz, founder of the prophecy website Elijah List. During the conversation, Sheets prophesied that President Trump will soon have a powerful encounter with God that will transform him into a modern-day John the Revelator. “I am […]


Tony Perkins Promise: “Faith Leaders Will Ignore Stormy Daniels Affair If Trump Remains ‘The Most Pro-Life, Pro-Family President”

Tony Perkins, president of the anti-LGBTQ group Family Research Center, said that evangelical faith leaders are willing to overlook President Trump’s alleged affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels as long as Trump continues to fulfill promises he made to them and remains “the most pro-life, pro-family president.” In the final minutes of yesterday’s “Washington […]