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(WATCH) Confederacy Fan Insists The Flag Isn’t Racist Than Launched Racist Attack: “Hey, I Go Down The Street, I see Martin Luther Coon…”

A supporter of Confederate statues told journalists on Thursday that it was out of line to paint the landmarks as supremacist — and after that very quickly went on a bigot rage about Martin Luther King. Range News Charlotte journalist Yoojin Cho posted a video meeting of Russell Walker, an inhabitant of York, South Carolina, […]


Trump’s Spiritual Adviser: Opposition To President Trump Is Opposition To God

Conservative prepper minister Jim Bakker talked with TV preacher Paula White, who is one of President Trump’s key otherworldly counsels, on his TV program today, where she announced that restriction to the president is resistance to God and unequivocally commended Trump for not sounding or acting presidential. “Thank heavens,” she said. “At the end of […]


‘I Hope You’re Uncomfortable’: Bakari Sellers Crushes Santorum For Saying Racism Debate ‘Is The Problem’

A discussion about systemic racism became heated on CNN Sunday when two conservative white guests argued that talking about race should be avoided because it makes white people uncomfortable. “It won’t change until individuals who look like [Nina Turner] and I decide that enough is enough,” CNN contributor Bakari Selleres pointed out. “And so many […]


‘He should be ashamed’: Don Lemon gives Trump an elementary history lesson after ‘ignorant’ press conference

Following President Donald Trump’s stunning public interview where he multiplied down on his claims that “there’s fault on the two sides” at the Charlottesville racial oppressor rally throughout the end of the week, CNN have Don Lemon, video chatted in amid a section facilitated by Wolf Blitzer, showing up surrendered. “I’m disheartened, Wolf,” Lemon said. […]


‘There’s blame on both sides’: Trump doubles down on Charlottesville response while clashing with reporters

President Donald Trump on Tuesday conflicted with columnists over his reaction to the Charlottesville, Virginia assault, amid an exceptional public interview at Trump Tower. Notwithstanding likening Neo-Nazis with what he portrayed as the “alt-left,” Trump by and by faulted “the two sides” for a vicious flare-up that brought about the demise of a 32-year old […]


Fox rips anti-Nazi liberals: ‘These antifascists call themselves antifascists but they’re being fascists’

Fox News have Pete Hegseth on Sunday declared that liberal counter-nonconformists who appeared in Charlottesville, Virigia throughout the end of the week proposed to damage the free discourse privileges of racial oppressors, who claim to be a piece of the supposed Alt-Right. A day after two individuals kicked the bucket amid challenges in Charlottesville, Fox […]