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WV Teacher Busted For Tweeting That The Chicago Suspects Are Obama’s Children

After Tweeting a racially insensitive remark, a West Virginia teacher was asked by school officials to delete her Twitter account. Cabell County Schools’ spokesperson Jedd Flowers told The Herald-Dispatch that Huntington High teacher Mary Durstein was the one who tweeted the offensive remarks. Flowers admitted that officials were unaware of the racist remarks until several […]


Josh Bernstein Calls On Congress To Declare That Obama Never Existed

Ultraconservative radio host and political analyst Josh Bernstein went on the “Pray In Jesus Name” show recently and explained to Religious Right activist Gordon Klingenschmitt why Congress should completely invalidate President Barack Obama’s “illegal” presidency. He went on to describe Obama as “a petulant man-child who is throwing a hissy fit” before leaving office. Bernstein […]


David Horowitz: “Black Racism Is The Real Problem In This Country Thanks To Obama The Slaver”

Ultraconservative activist David Horowitz said during a radio interview last week that the “racism in this country that is the real problem is black racism” and “certainly not white people.” Horowitz, who has ties to a number of right-wing politicians including Alabama senator Jeff Sessions, told Indianapolis radio host Greg Garrison that President Obama lied […]


Bryan Fischer: “It Is Fake News To Claim That I Said  African Americans Rut Like Rabbits…Even Though I did Say It”

Bryan Fischer criticized the Southern Poverty Law Center on his American Family Radio show on Tuesday because he said the group was spreading “fake news” by claiming he said something he never said. According to Fischer, the SPLC has “demonized” and “vilified” him for a long time by inaccurately claiming that he said that “blacks […]