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Richard Spencer Attacks ‘Soft Christians’: “Jesus Never Complained About Racism”

After the Southern Baptist Convention voted to condemn the ‘alt-right’ political movement recently at an annual convention in Phoenix, Arizona, the alt-right leader Richard Spencer responded by referencing Jesus and Paul and asked whether they even read the Bible. Spencer tweeted: Jesus never complained about “racism.” Paul enjoined slaves to return to their masters. Have […]


After Claiming Obama “The Antichrist”, Pastor Robert Jeffress Calls For End To Political Demonization Of Republicans

Ironically, the same ultraconservative pastor who demonized President Barack Obama and said he was a precursor to the antichrist is now calling for political civility in response the the shooting of two GOP lawmakers. Megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress, who once claimed he’d pick “strongman” Donald Trump over Jesus, blamed the shootings of GOP whip Steve […]


WTH?? Dave Daubenmire Agrees: Gov. Jerry Brown Needs To Be Hanging From A Rope

Many Republicans in Congress have been quick to blame Democrats for the shooting of elected officials by an Illinois man, one pastor has even voiced his support of these Republican activists. While talking to right-wing radio host Dave Daubenmire on Wednesday, right-wing activist Sheila Zilinsky said that God made Hillary Clinton sick because of her […]


Golden State Warriors Refuse To Visit Trump’s White House

According to several reports, although they have not been invited yet, the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors have unanimously agreed that they have no intention of visiting the White House. The Warriors won their second championship in three years with a 129-120 Game 5 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, who they faced in the last […]


Rep. Karl Oliver Calls To Lynch Anyone Who Takes Down Confederate Monuments

  After a considerable amount of backlash from his own party, a Republican Representative from Mississippi apologized on Monday after threatening to Lynch whoever takes down a Confederate monument, including government official from surrounding states. Rep. Karl Oliver said on Saturday that the “destruction” of Confederate statues is “heinous and horrific” and whatever state leader […]


God Told Alex Jones That “Sasha And Malia Aren’t Obama’s Kids”

Infamous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones invited far-right activist Mike Cernovich to his InfoWars program to talk about former President Barack Obama’s vacation to French Polynesia. According to Jones, Obama is vacationing in French Polynesia because President Trump will soon reveal the former president’s involvement in terrorism and criminal wrongdoing, and the island has “no criminal […]