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Sen. Mike Doherty Complains “How Hard It Is To Be A White Man In America”

The editorial board for the New Jersey Star Ledger, an online newspaper for the Garden State, on Wednesday slammed state Sen. Mike Doherty (R) over comments he made during a discussion about pay parity for women. Last week, Doherty interjected as his colleagues tried to explain the gender pay gap, imploring fellow senators to stop […]


Ann Coulter: “No Greater Army Ever Took The Field Than The Confederate Army”

  Ann Coulter made a series of factually inaccurate remarks during a Fox Business discussion about the Confederate flag. The virulently anti-immigrant author and television personality dismissed South Carolina’s Republican governor – who has called for the flag’s removal from the statehouse grounds – as an immigrant who “does not understand America’s history,” reported Media […]


Don Trump Jr. Suggests Paying Afro-Americans To Return To Africa

As if the sting of not having a single nominee in this year’s Oscar awards was not enough, black celebrities have been dealt another blow, this time by Don Trump Jnr. The mogul’s son offered to foot the bill for black critics of his father to take leave of the United States Appearing on ‘’Fox […]


Police Put Ankle Monitor GPS Devices On Dozens Of Domestic Assault Victims

The Memphis Police Department is under fire for an alleged pattern of misconduct towards female victims of crime. The latest incident involves Sexual Assault Kit Taskforce revealing that dozens of sexual assault and domestic violence victims were outfitted with GPS ankle bracelets. The October 2017 monthly report of the Sexual Assault Kit Taskforce acknowledge that […]


Robert Jeffress: “Harvey Weinstein Harassing Women Is A ‘Natural Result’ Of Removing Prayer From Schools”

Last week, President Trump took to his Twitter account to promote a new book by Robert Jeffress, a Dallas pastor and fervent Trump supporter who has a long record of anti-LGBTQ extremism and hostility toward religious minorities, including Mormons and Catholics. A few days later, Jeffress hosted Fox News personality Sean Hannity at his church’s Sunday service, where […]


KKK Threatens ‘Black Apes’ Who ‘Make Eyes’ At White Women In Recruiting Fliers Found In Florida

Multiple neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Florida were littered with KKK recruiting fliers that make specific threats against black men who they catch “‘making eyes’ at a white girl.” As Jacksonville’s First Coast News reports, the city has seen Klan fliers before, but these differ from the norm with their “specific threats.” “Notice to all (N-word): Any of you […]