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(VIDEO) A Father’s Powerful Plea For His Transgender Son Wins Hearts

Ken Ballard will disclose to you he’s a man of few words. In any case, when it went to his 15-year-old transgender child, he couldn’t remain quiet. It was hard for him to acknowledge his child’s move, yet the Texas father is battling for his child’s entitlement to utilize his preferred lavatory. A video surfaced […]


LGBT Rights Milestones Fast Facts

Here is some background information about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender milestones in the United States. Timeline: 1924 – The Society for Human Rights is founded by Henry Gerber in Chicago. It is the first documented gay rights organization. 1950 – The Mattachine Society is formed by activist Harry Hay and is one of the first sustained gay rights […]


In An Effort To Prevent Being ‘Raped’ By LGBTQ Activist, Linda Harvey Tries To ‘Trademark The Rainbow’

Mission America’s Linda Harvey continues to express anger over the supposed “theft of the rainbow” by homosexuals. The anti-LGBTQ activist wrote a new column for WorldNetDaily in which she insists that the rainbow is being “raped” by the gays and wants conservative Christians to “trademark the rainbow.” “The sweet rainbow image has been violated, raped […]


Jesse Lee Peterson: “Pride Month Proves That Gays Are Not Children Of God”

During Wednesday’s morning broadcast, extreme right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson criticized Pride Month and claimed that people who celebrate it is a great example of how “all human beings are not children of God.” Peterson was responding to a comment Michael Eric Dyson said at the Pride march in which he urged that all […]


Josh Bernstain Blames UK Terror On Islamic ‘Usurper’ – London Mayor Sadiq Khan that “Invited Them”

In a video that was released Tuesday, conspiracy theorist and ultraconservative radio host Jsh Bernstein claimed that the reason terrorist attacks have increased in London is because its mayor, Sadiq Khan, is really a Muslim “usurper” who is cooperating with terrorist “behind the scenes.” “If you’ve noticed,” Bernstein said, “since he’s been the mayor, these […]


Huckabee: “Citizens Should Obey The Law Only If They Think It’s Right”

  GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee on Sunday defended Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. When asked by ABC host George Stephanopoulos whether Davis had an obligation to uphold the law, even if she disagreed with it, Huckabee argued she did not. “You obey if it’s right,” the former […]