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Pastor Swanson Wants The Army To Bomb Highlights Magazine Because “It Is No Better Than ISIS”

During yesterday’s episode of Kevin Swanson’s “Generations” radio show, the anti-LGBTQ pastor claimed that the popular children’s magazine “Highlights” was just as bad as ISIS because the magazine stated that it will soon feature same-sex parents. Swanson compared videos released by ISIS, which show young kids murdering prisoners, to Highlights since it will “encourage the […]


Michele Bachmann: “Obama Has Cursed Israel And Forced Them To Hail Gays”

  While on the “Washington Watch” radio show on Thursday, former Rep. Michele Bachmann told Family Research Council President Tony Perkin about how Donald Trump’s new administration will get rid of all the LGBT rights supporters from the State Department. Perkins claims that because of President Obama “our government has been perverted to be used […]


Tony Perkins: “Trump Needs To Ferret Out The State Department And Replace Them With Normal Conservatives Who Hate Gays”

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins wrote in his daily “Washington Update” yesterday and insisted that Hillary Clinton and John Kerry are trying to “export the LGBTQ agenda globally” and “systematically filled the ranks of [the State Department] with LGBTQ and abortion activists,” and pressed Donald Trump to ensure that the next secretary of state […]


Gordon Klingenschmitt Calls To Fight Gays Like WE Fight ISIS Because “In USA Gays Are Throwing Christians Off The Roofs”

Ultraconservative activist and Colorado state legislator Gordon Klingenschmitt recently went on his “Pray In Jesus Name” show and claimed that the Christian business owners in the U.S. who are forced to serve on LGBT customers are like the homosexuals being killed by ISIS. Klingenschmitt spent the beginning of his show talking about a case in […]