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At Least Seven Pilgrims Killed in Indian Administered Kashmir

No less than seven Hindu explorers have been executed and 19 others injured after the transport they were going in progressed toward becoming gotten in crossfire in Indian directed Kashmir, police have affirmed. A police representative said the transport was coming back from the difficult to-achieve Himalayan buckle holy place of Amarnath when activists and […]


Vvictory is very near in fight to retake Mosul

Triumph is impending in the warmed fight for the rest of the ISIS-controlled extends of western Mosul, Iraqi Joint Military Charge representative Brigadier General Yahya Rasool said Saturday. In a taped explanation on al-Iraqiya television, Rasool said the Iraqi Armed force’s ninth Defensively covered Division had achieved the banks of the Tigris Waterway in the […]


Michele Bachmann: “Democrats Civilized Jihad By Electing A Muslim Woman”

After hearing the news that a Muslim-American woman won a Democratic primary for a position in the Minnesota State House, Michelle Bachman warned Americans about the Democrat’s plan to help “civilization jihad” and spread the Sharia law. With no evidence to prove her statements, the former Congresswomen of Minnesota continued to claim that Ilhan Ohmar […]


Rios: “The Muslim Soldier Died As Part Of An Islamic Practice Of Lying In Order To Advance The Muslim Cause”

According to Right Wing Watch, conservative radio host Sandy Rios disputed the sincerity of the Muslim Father who spoke at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this yesterday. Rios doubted the nationalism of Khizr Khan, whose son, Army Captain Humayun Khan, lost his life in Iraq while fighting for the United States military. Khan Attacked […]