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Pastor Robert Jeffress Blames Hillary For Hate Speech: “We Are Only Allowed To Hate Gays, Catholics and Mormons”

Hillary Clinton’s comments over the weekend, labeling Donald Trump’s alt-right supporters as “deplorables”, ironically received some backlash from Trump and some of his alt-right supporters, claiming she was promoting hate speech. Among the number of criticizers who attacked Clinton was Pastor Robert Jeffries, a right-winger who consistently spews ant-gay, ant-Mormon and ant-Catholic rhetoric. “I tell […]


Sheriff Arpaio To Pay $300K To Help Compensate Latinos Who Were Illegally Detained

Maricopa County sheriff, Joe Arpaio, famous for his racial profiling against Latino residents, continues to lose Arizona’s Maricopa County millions of dollars in legal fees and expenses over his illegal actions. According to Stamford Advocate, lawyers are seeking $5.9 million in legal fees for contempt of court, on top of the $4.5 million the county […]


Pastor Jim Garlow: “Government Should Let The Church Eliminate The Poor People”

Extreme conservative, Pastor Jim Garlow, came on the ‘Janet Mefferd Today’ and proposed that the government should stop giving “health and welfare” services and let the churches take over so they can work on getting rid of all “freeloaders.” “This is going to sound pretty radical to the ears of most listeners,” Garlow admitted. “We’re […]