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KKK Threatens ‘Black Apes’ Who ‘Make Eyes’ At White Women In Recruiting Fliers Found In Florida

Multiple neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Florida were littered with KKK recruiting fliers that make specific threats against black men who they catch “‘making eyes’ at a white girl.” As Jacksonville’s First Coast News reports, the city has seen Klan fliers before, but these differ from the norm with their “specific threats.” “Notice to all (N-word): Any of you […]


Anti-Choice Group Backed By Rand Paul: “It Wants Jail Time For Women Who Have Abortions”

National Pro-Life Alliance, a group whose top legislative priority is backing Sen. Rand Paul’s fetal “personhood” bill and for whom Paul has sent numerous fundraising appeals, distributed an email to supporters yesterday lamenting the fact that women who have abortions can’t be prosecuted and face jail time. In the email, the group’s president, Martin Fox, discusses the case of […]


David Barton: “White People Don’t Get Enough Credit For Ending Slavery”

During an interview with Religious Right radio host E.W. Jackson yesterday, Republican political operative and right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton reiterated his belief that the white people who “tied their own hands” by ending slavery in America don’t get enough credit for doing so. “There is no other nation in the world where whites fought whites to free blacks […]


Child of Minnesota Lesbian Couple Threatened By Neighbor: ‘Your House Could Be Torched, a Gun Could Be Used’

Alongside guaranteeing the ladies are “rationally sick,” that they “go crazy” their companions and are “bringing down property estimations,” the letter’s mysterious creator likewise made particular dangers against their wellbeing. “You never know … your home could be burnt, a firearm could be utilized to dispose of you,” the homophobic letter peruses. The ladies, who […]


Ann Coulter: Charlottesville Ralliers Were Just ‘Little Old Ladies’ Listening To ‘Civil War Buffs’

Far-right pundit and casual Donald Trump migration counselor Ann Coulter joined Florida radio host Joyce Kaufman yesterday to talk about the media scope of late vicious racial oppressor dissents in Charlottesville, guaranteeing that the media had been unreasonably “jumping to conclusions” about members. Coulter demanded that the media has been unscrupulously depicting the white patriots […]