Busted: This GOPer Is Caught Taking Food Stamps After Funding His Own Political Campaign

go here Written by January 10th 2017


http://teachingstudios.com/product/art-lessons-for-young-artists-ages-6-12-2/ According to The Register-Guard, former Republican Party U.S. Senate candidate Mark Callahan, took food stamps, yet had enough money to fund his own campaign.

Callahan, who is in the running to be chairman of Oregon GOP, received assistance from the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

The Register-Guard reports that Callahan has quite a few failed candidacies over the years, including “for the U.S. Senate (twice), Eugene-area seats in the state Legislature (three times), the Lane County Board of Commissioners, the Eugene School Board, the Mount Hood Community College Board and, in 2012, for president.”

Callahan and his wife were on food stamps in 2014, according to court documents, around the same time he ran for U.S. Senate.

Records show that he was the largest contributor in his campaign, donating $9,090 and also loaning $6,500 to his election effort.

Callahan admitted to reporter Saul Hubbard that he needed the food stamps “to provide food for my 2 young daughters and myself.”

“The amount of SNAP benefits I received after the primary election was very meager in comparison to others,” Callahan insisted.

Court documents show that Callahan claims he was laid off for 2 months after asking for a part-time position “to allow time for me to be active in my campaign for the U.S. Senate.”

“I look for any work, and jobs, so I can provide for my family the best way I can. With the economy being on the skids the last 8 years, times have been tough in terms of finding and keeping employed long term,” Callahan told Hubbard.