Bryan Fischer Compars WA Supreme Court To The “Gestapo” For Ruling Against Anti-Gay Discrimination

Anti-LGBTQ Religious Right activist Bryan Fischer went on a rant after the Washington Supreme Court unanimously ruled florist Barronelle Stutzman broke the law when not sell flowers for a same-sex wedding.

During his radio broadcast last Friday, Fischer lashed out against the “gay Gestapo” and compared the ruling to Kristallnacht, the notorious “Night of Broken Glass,” when Nazi Germany looted and destroyed thousands of Jewish homes and businesses.

“This is the gay Gestapo,” Fischer said, “these are the jack-booted homosexual fascists of the LGBT movement; they are imposing tyranny and they are imposing slavery. They are bringing these things back to America.”

“Remember what Kristallnacht was,” he continued. “That was where the Nazis went though the Jewish parts of Berlin and they broke windows, they set businesses on fire, they shut them down, they drove Jewish people out of their homes and set their houses on fire. Now I’m not saying that’s what the homosexual fascists are doing today; you know, they’re using judges’ gavels instead of lead pipes. That’s what they’re doing, but it’s the same deal. This is Kristallnacht. They’re trying to put this woman out of business, they’re trying to shut her down, they’re trying to evict her from her home, that’s where they tried to go with this thing. How is that any different? Just the weapons are different.”