Bachmann: “We Should Use Nukes On Iran’s Military Bases As Message Of Peace”

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia commons


Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann wants to send a wake-up call to Iran by bombing its nuclear facilities – possibly with nuclear weapons. Bachmann, who retired when her term ended last year, argued that a bombing raid against Iran would prevent war – not cause one.

“There is only on tried and true method that stops a rogue nation from getting a nuclear bomb, and it’s this: It is for a country like the United States to take our military superiority and to go into that country and to drop bombs on their nuclear hardware and destroy it,” Bachmann said. “That’s called peace. That’s not called war.”

The 2012 presidential candidate said the decision to bomb Iran should be an easy one. “If I was president of the United States, it would take me half a nanosecond,” Bachmann told World Net Daily. “We would send our military equipment and do what has to be done, and in eight weeks, the whole discussion would be over. The Iranian program would be done, and the world would be free from that menace.”

Bachmann took part Wednesday – along with Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sarah Palin, and “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson – in a rally organized by “birther” conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney against the Iran nuclear accord.

“As we stand here today, you can end this nuclear program today,” Bachmann told the Daily Caller. “All you do is deliver bombs on the nuclear hardware. We’re not talking about bombing shopping centers and killing innocent kids in Iran. We’re talking about taking out weapons of death – that’s the nuclear hardware.”

Iran’s main nuclear site, known as Fordow, is built under a mountain – which would require nuclear weapons instead of conventional weapons if a strike were ever ordered.