Valentine Stevenson

Ted Cruz’s ‘Kill-The-Gays’ Pastor Says That Criticism Of Him Is “Criticism Of God Himself”

  Kevin Swanson, pastor and Religious Right radio host, recently touted his “amazingly successful” Freedom 2015: National Religious Liberties Conference, which featured Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal and Mike Huckabee, claiming that “God blessed that conference in so many different ways.” But as Swanson acknowledged, the event “experienced a media firestorm” in part due to his remarks declaring that gays […]

Rick Scarborough: “Banning Gays Will Bring Us The Cure For AIDS”

  Speaking recently at a “Prayer For Our Warriors Conference” at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Arizona, Rick Scarborough of Vision America reiterated his view that AIDS is God’s judgment for sin and declared that “we’d probably be able to find a cure for the disease if this nation would simply repent for tolerating homosexuality.” Earlier in […]

Newt Gingrich Claims Transgender Rights In U.S. Leads To The Catastrophe In Syria

  Newt Gingrich appeared on the Houston-area program “The Sam Malone Show” recently to promote his new novel, “Duplicity.” The former House speaker kicked things off by praising Houston voters for repealing the city’s LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination law, the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, which he said should inspire Congress to reject a Department of Education finding […]