Richard Spencer Attacks ‘Soft Christians’: “Jesus Never Complained About Racism”

After the Southern Baptist Convention voted to condemn the ‘alt-right’ political movement recently at an annual convention in Phoenix, Arizona, the alt-right leader Richard Spencer responded by referencing Jesus and Paul and asked whether they even read the Bible. Spencer tweeted: Jesus never complained about “racism.” Paul enjoined slaves to return to their masters. Have […]

Lance Wallnau Calls On Christians To Pray Away The Impeachment Of Trump

Far right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau streamed a video Monday night on Periscope where boldly and forcefully prayed away the possibility of President Donald Trump getting impeached. “We’re thanking you, Lord, for Donald Trump,” Wallnau proclaimed. “We pray that a grace will come upon him now.” The ultraconservative also prayed that Attorney General Jeff Sessions “will […]

WTH?? Dave Daubenmire Agrees: Gov. Jerry Brown Needs To Be Hanging From A Rope

Many Republicans in Congress have been quick to blame Democrats for the shooting of elected officials by an Illinois man, one pastor has even voiced his support of these Republican activists. While talking to right-wing radio host Dave Daubenmire on Wednesday, right-wing activist Sheila Zilinsky said that God made Hillary Clinton sick because of her […]

Watch McCain Shut Down Kamala Harris After Sessions Admits She Makes Him Nervous

While questioning Attorney General Jeff Sessions during Tuesday’s Senate hearing, Sen. Kamala Harris tried to get a member of Trump’s administration to answer her question when another Republican senator interrupted. Sessions felt the heat as the California senator repeatedly asked if he had contacts with any “Russian businessmen or Russian nationals,” and claimed that Harris […]