Watch McCain Shut Down Kamala Harris After Sessions Admits She Makes Him Nervous

While questioning Attorney General Jeff Sessions during Tuesday’s Senate hearing, Sen. Kamala Harris tried to get a member of Trump’s administration to answer her question when another Republican senator interrupted. Sessions felt the heat as the California senator repeatedly asked if he had contacts with any “Russian businessmen or Russian nationals,” and claimed that Harris […]

Golden State Warriors Refuse To Visit Trump’s White House

According to several reports, although they have not been invited yet, the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors have unanimously agreed that they have no intention of visiting the White House. The Warriors won their second championship in three years with a 129-120 Game 5 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, who they faced in the last […]

Josh Bernstain Blames UK Terror On Islamic ‘Usurper’ – London Mayor Sadiq Khan that “Invited Them”

In a video that was released Tuesday, conspiracy theorist and ultraconservative radio host Jsh Bernstein claimed that the reason terrorist attacks have increased in London is because its mayor, Sadiq Khan, is really a Muslim “usurper” who is cooperating with terrorist “behind the scenes.” “If you’ve noticed,” Bernstein said, “since he’s been the mayor, these […]