Michael Reagan Calls On People To “Sue Women For Sexual Arousal”

  Son of former Republican President Ronald Reagan and right-wing commentator Michael Reagan voiced his support Friday morning for Bill O’Reilly, who was recently let go from Fox News for sexually harassing women. Reagan, who contribute to conservative outlet Newsmax, used his Facebook and Twitter account to attack women who wear “low cut dresses,” saying […]

Jason Lee Peterson: “Firing Of O’Reilly Is The Lynching Of Straight, Christian, Conservative White Male Of Power”

  Far right-wing radio host and pastor, Jesse Lee Peterson, went on his show Thursday to voice his anger about Bill O’Reilly getting fired from Fox News because of multiple sexual harassment complaints, describing it as “a modern-day lynching.” “This was a modern-day lynching of a straight, Christian, conservative, white male of power,” Peterson said. […]

Robert Maginnis Urged Viewers To Pray For President Trump To Ensure That He Doesn’t Give In To The Corrupt Influences Of Witches And Gays

  During an appearance on SkyWatchTV earlier this month, Family Research Council senior fellow Robert Maginnis talked about “the occult influence on D.C. elites.” Maginnis claimed that both witchcraft and homosexuality are strong evil forces that affect even the most well-intentioned men and women working in public office. “If you look around Washington, you have […]

Pastor E.W. Jackson: “Religion Is One Of The Most Dangerous Things In The World,’ But ‘Christianity Is Not A Religion, It’s Reality”

  During Thursday’s American Family Association program, Religious Right pastor E.W. Jackson told listeners that “religion is one of the most dangerous things in the world” and that Christianity is not a religion, “it’s reality.” Jackson recalled a report about a Muslim convert who tried to enforce Sharia law on the residents of Minneapolis, against […]

God Told Alex Jones That “Sasha And Malia Aren’t Obama’s Kids”

Infamous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones invited far-right activist Mike Cernovich to his InfoWars program to talk about former President Barack Obama’s vacation to French Polynesia. According to Jones, Obama is vacationing in French Polynesia because President Trump will soon reveal the former president’s involvement in terrorism and criminal wrongdoing, and the island has “no criminal […]