Marry Ann Michaelson

Kevin Swanson: “God Was Likely Offended by The National Soccer Team”

  Kevin Swanson, the Colorado pastor who is hosting fellow death-penalty-for-gays advocates and at least three Republican presidential candidates at his National Religious Liberties Conference in Des Moines, Iowa soon, believes that everywhere he turns, someone is trying to turn his daughter into a lesbian: the Girl Scouts, Disney movies like “Frozen” and, of course, feminists. On his “Generations Radio” program back […]

Tony Perkins: “I Love Perfume, But Hate The Emasculation Of Our Army By Women”

  The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins and Jerry Boykin reacted during a recent “Washington Watch” program to Army Secretary John McHugh’s recent statement that if “your objective is true and pure equality” in the military, then women will eventually be required to register for the draft. Perkins and Boykin were, unsurprisingly, not too happy about this. “Let me […]