Jay Colmbord

Mick Mulvaney:”We Had To Believe Husband And Not Beaten Wives”

White House Budget Chief Mick Mulvaney on Sunday argued that it was “normal and reasonable” for the White House to defend a staffer who had been accused of spousal abuse. On Sunday’s edition on Face the Nation, host Major Garrett noted that both President Donald Trump and his chief of staff, John Kelly, had defended […]

Steve Strang: “Trump Was Called By God To Save Western Civilization”

Charisma magazine’s Steve Strang, who is promoting his new book “God and Donald Trump,” asserted in an interview with End Times conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles last night that President Trump has a Churchillian sense of destiny that prompted him to run for president in order to save America. “I personally believe that he has kind […]

Alex Jones Warns Americans: “Transgender Rights Activism Is Really About Cyborgs”

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist who leads Infowars, told listeners that transgender rights activism is secretly paving the way for measures protecting cyborgs and other “new life forms” and that accepting multiple gender identities or sexual orientations is “how you destroy a civilization.” On Infowars today, Jones featured an interview with Roger Ver, who is […]