Jay Colmbord

Fox News Host Forced To Look Up ‘Oligarchy’ On Live TV To Explain Latest Russia News

Fox News conservative political commentator Ainsley Earhardt on Friday offered “Fox and Friends” viewers a definition lesson on the word “oligarch,” wondering if her fellow co-hosts “have ever used the word before the last few months.” Earhardt was discussing a series of sanctions imposted on Russian oligarchs and government officials, including Oleg Deripaska—the Russia oily […]

‘That’s A Lie — Full Stop’: Morning Joe shows Devastating Video Proof Of Sarah Sanders Lying About Trump And Russia

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough impacted White House representative Sarah Sanders for lying about President Donald Trump’s association with Russian president Vladimir Putin. “Morning Joe” makers ran a supercut of Sanders and active national security counsel H.R. McMaster more than once negating each other on the Trump organization’s strategy toward Russia following 2016 decision obstruction and the […]

VIDEO: Seth Meyers Hilariously Mocks Trump’s Unhinged Easter Speech

Late Night” have Seth Meyers on Monday tore Donald Trump’s discourse at the White House Easter Egg Roll, noticing the youthful participants at the occasion most likely did not think about the economy, DACA or any of the issues the president wanted to specify amid his strange tirade. “Despite everything he couldn’t prevent himself from […]