American Pastors Network: “Progressives Can’t Be Genuine Christians Because God Teaches Us That Ladies Should Not Be Pastors”

This week, Reuters put out a story about the rise of political activism by the “religious left” due to President Trump’s win, and it did not sit well with several Religious Rights pundits. The American Pastors Network host Sam Rohrer, along with his guests Gary Dull and Dave Kistler, spent the entire “Stand in the Gap” program on Thursday to bashing the religious left that was discussed in the Reuters story.

Rohrer not only insisted that the “religious left” is absolutely “irreligiously wrong,” but he also described them as the “false prophets” and “false teachers” that the Bible told us about.

Dull claimed that the progressives do not follow the “authority of scripture” and the “biblical worldview” due to one possible reason:

I have found that a lot of the leaders and pastors, a lot of the pastors in this particular movement are ladies, and we believe as we look at the word of God in its true sense, that the word of God teaches us that ladies do not, well, they should not be in the pastorate.

Rohrer once said that a woman in political power is a mark of God’s judgment on the country.

Kistler listed of a wide variety of reasons why it’s not possible for “Bible-believing Christian” or “genuine, true believer in Jesus Christ “ to belong to the “religious left,” including protecting LGBTQ people, denouncing Trumps plans to cut foreign aid and helping undocumented immigrants find safety in the country.