16-Year-Old German Girl Who Ran Away to Join Islamic State Captured in Mosul

go Written by July 20th 2017

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buy the stars lyrics A 16-year-old German young lady who fled from home to join the Islamic State (ISIS) has been caught in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq.

Linda Wenzel, of the town of Pulsnitz, not very a long way from Dresden, was among the 20 jihadists caught a week ago after the city was liberated from ISIS control, the New York Post detailed.

Specialists discovered Wenzel alongside a gathering of ladies, some wearing suicide vests, who were individuals from ISIS’s police constrain.

Wenzel first joined the fear amass when she loaded onto a flight to Turkey from Germany, with Syria as her last goal after she went gaga for a Muslim she met on the web. She utilized her mom’s charge card and expected her personality to pay for and get onto the flight.

The youngster revealed to her folks on July 1, 2016, that she would visit a companion for the end of the week and would return Sunday, the Daily Mail announced. She stayed away forever.

Wenzel’s mom called police when she vanished and discovered that she was not where she said she was a year ago.

“In her room they found a print of a plane ticket to Istanbul under the bedding. I was stunned. My girl has never stolen or lied about anything,” she said. “I am crushed by the way that she was obviously totally mentally programmed and induced to leave the nation by somebody and that she figured out how to conceal it from me.”

Others in Wenzel’s old group are substantially less sympathetic of the teenager and need law implementation authorities to condemn her.

“What a bitch for putting her folks through this,” said one neighbor who lived near the home she fled a year ago. “What kind of a man gives themselves over to a gathering murdering her own kin in Germany? I trust a correctional facility cell anticipates her when she returns, not yellow strips.”

Wenzel changed her name to Mariam and posted pictures on Facebook of herself wearing a headscarf, yet German experts say they are still during the time spent affirming her personality before pushing ahead with the examination.

“There are new discoveries in the criminal examination that are being tried,” boss prosecutor Lorenz Haase said. “When she is plainly distinguished, the examination will be continued.”

German knowledge authorities presume that Wenzel joined ISIS activist gatherings before she was carried into Iraq and was plotting violations against the state.

ISIS has likewise radicalized different teenagers in Germany.

A 13-year-old kid from Germany endeavored to join ISIS in 2016, however experts got him at the Turkish-Syrian fringe.